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Walzen BALE-ONR Straps are manufactured from medium carbon quality cold rolled steel strips. produced in -house in consistent quality..

The straps are then deburred. austempered. painted and waxed in a continuous line with automatic controls, incorporating the latest state of the art technology. The straps have extra-high break strength with adequate ductility and are used for baling of jute. cotton, textile etc.

Further, the straps are precisely designed with an innovative interlocking mechanism to eradicate the use of buckles and pins, thereby enhancing the productivity & reducing the cost of packaging.

Typical Application: Specially used for jute bailing, textile, cotton and other materials.

Strap Size Breaking Load (minimum) UTS (minimum) Yield Elongation Strap Finish Product Code
Width Thickness
Inch mm Inch mm Kgf (Min) Kg/mm2 M/kg
3/4 : 19.05 0.033 0.84 1760 110 7.96 6% Painted & Waxed 19084B
0.035 0.89 1865 110 7.51 6% Painted & Waxed 19089B
0.025 0.64 1341 110 10.45 6% Painted & Waxed 19064B

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