ZENHARD, Walzen make Hardened & Tempered Medium & High Carbon Steel Strips, finds wide applications in special industrial uses. ZENHARD has excellent spring properties, uniform hardness and texture, ZENHARD has precision blanking ability and rationalizes further processing by eliminating post heat treatment & distortion and thereby increases productivity.

 Walzen Strips Pvt. Ltd. manufactures ZENHARD, Hardened & Tempered Steel Strips, conforming to National and International Standards viz, IS: 2507, DIN 17222. BS: 1449, ASTM A-682 Medium & High Carbon and Low Alloy steel strips, cold rolled in-house, are heat-treated in continuous line to develop high hardness, toughness, tensile and spring properties.

Steps involved for manufacture of Hardened & Tempered Steel strips:


Austenitizing of Medium & High Carbon and Low Alloy steels is carried out in 12 M long gas fired furnace with automatic controls and heat resistant S.S. Muffle to provide inert cover to the strips. Quenchingl in oil produces very hard martensite, which is then tempered down in a 7 M long electrically heated tempering furnace. Variable speed DC drive with UPS back-up ensures uninterrupted processing even during power failure.


Rounding of one or both edges is essential for certain applications requiring high fatigue life. This is done by machining of edges with profiled carbide tips.


During hardening and tempering the strip surface gets oxidized, developing a Blue-grey finish. But in many application the strips are required in Bright finish. This is obtained by grinding the surfaces with waterproof-coated abrasive belts in a grinding machine with coolant flow.

ZENHARD : Chemical composition & Sizes

Specification Grade %C %Mn % P (max.) % S(max) % Si (max) Size range
Medium & High Carbon C55 0.50-0.60 0.60-0.90 0.035 0.025 0.35 Width: 6.0-325mm

Thickness: 0.40-3.00mm

C62 0.60-0.67 0.60-0.90 0.035 0.025 0.35
C80 0.75-0.85 0.60-0.90 0.035 0.025 0.35
  • Low Alloy steels against specific enquiry
  • Non-standard sizes against specific enquiry

Special features:

  • Minimum decarburisation
  • Uniform Hardness and Texture
  • High degree of toughness
  • Excellent Spring Properties
  • Precision blanking ability
  • Minimum edge camber
  • Flatness across width
  • No curling

Supply Condition:

Hardened and Tempered

Surface : Furnace Blue-Grey or Bright Ground Finish
Edges : Available in rounded edges
Tolerance : On Width & Thickness as per BIS/International Standards.


Standard Hardness:

Thickness Hardness
Upto 0.40mm 525 - 600 Hv
Above 0.40 mm upto 0.80 mm 475 - 550 Hv
Above 0.80mm 425 - 500 Hv
  • Non-standard hardness may be supplied against specific enquiry.

Typical Application and uses:

  • Saws
    Wood cutting Band saws
    Hand saws
    Cross-cut saws
    Pit saws
  • Hand Tools
    Paint Scrappers
    Plastering Trowels
  • Industrial Knives
    Sugar Cane
  • Automobile Products
    Clutch plates
    Brake components
    Horn diaphragms
  • Spring & Spring Washers
  • Textile and Jute mill accessories
  • Compressor valve plates
  • Forge Hammer Belts

Special Note:

Through integration of production facilities Walzen can offer a complete range of Hardened & Tempered Steel Strips according to any International Standard. Purchaser may furnish the following information to meet exact requirement.

  • Description of the product.
  • Number of relevant International Standard.
  • Nominal thickness and width in millimeters.
  • Hardness
  • Edge requirement.
  • Required tolerance
    • On thickness
    • On width
    • On edge camber
  • Type of coil and coil internal diameter.
  • Special requirement, if any.